Action is needed on climate change!


The debate over climate change seems to be the same everywhere. Despite strong public support, governments – in hock to large polluters and entrenched economic interests – do little or nothing.

I guess “strong public support” only counts if it’s not backed up by a intensely debated public referendum.


  1. Yes, I hear alot of hoopla about my “carbon footprint” by the govt and celebrites alike and yet I am on the road with a bunch of idiots everyday that clearly should not be able to drive….so how about the govt has a more selective process for those drivers…thus leading to a lower carbon footprint

  2. I don’t think I am unique in the fact that I am now so sick of the “enlightened” voices like this that I am actively looking for ways to increase my carbon footprint. The only reason I don’t own a hummer is the fact that I would need to inform all of my neighbours before taking it out as there is some doubt if they could be on the road at the same time as me.

    Seriously though at what stage in human history have we ever gone backwards. If NRT and his ilk want to do this then go for it first, if it works I too will follow.

  3. I suspect the “public support” behind this is exactly the same sort of “public support” behind the “yes vote” – very vocal, celebrity backed, and very, very small.

    Anyway, I use less energy because I want more money in my pocket – I personally won’t be buying a hummer. The fact that it saves CO2 emissions is an unfortunate side effect.

  4. I have to agree with you on the “public support” thing.

    I am probably as green as they come, work from home, collect my own water, recycle what I can (ie give it away) and have the lowest power bill of anyone I know for the same reason as you but I am starting to get a bit pissed off with it all.

    We are having issues with Meridian over our new turbine park (can’t bring my self to use wind farm) and I am over this issue that clean and green needs to adversly affect humans. When did we let these people start to have influence over our daily lives?

    I always believed that to have a debate you needed 2 sides and it seems to me that only one side has wanted to debate the issue. Surely we need to b sure of this before we rush headlong into something that could wreck our economy for our kids. I thought that it was the responsibility of a parent to leave something for the kids??

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