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From two years ago: We Have Forgotten

Six years ago, I went to bed after a day that was just like any other. I have no idea what I did that day – the 9th of September was a day like any other.

But the following morning, I woke and turned on the radio. I heard the World Trade Centre had been bombed. In my half awake state, I assumed it was the anniversary of the 1993 attacks. In fact, back then I didn’t even remember when that first attack had been.

But then they said the Pentagon was on fire.

That woke me up.

I rushed out and turned on the TV, and the world has never been the same. I remember that day, how Americans at work were clustered around the TV in the break room. I remember how we kept the internet radio and TV news on constantly.

We understood what had happened. A war had started. A terrible war (as all wars are) but even worse, because this war was one where modern technology and freedoms were being used against those civilisations who had built them over so many years. The world changed.

The following Sunday, we attended a memorial church service. Behind us was a young man who was adorned with “No War” slogans. Too late.

Even worse, the war had started years ago, maybe even before 1993 – but we in the west had not taken any notice.We said we would never forget. But we have.

On this page, you can see all firemen who died in the towers. Google search describes this as “all FDNY members murdered on 9 11 01″. But the page itself has been sanitised, the word “murder” is not to be found in the page, or even in the source as a search engine keyword. Just the other day, a interviewee on German TV described the attacks as “accidents”.

Update: NZ Conservative points out another sign.

Eight years ago today I awoke to the news 2993 had been killed in an atrocity without precedent in modern times. It was a “where were you when you heard” moment.

So how does the New Zealand Herald choose to remember this event?

With an AP story titled: The date all US Muslims dread.

The thing is, 9/11 was not even the first attack, it wasn’t even the last one – ask any Londoner.

In fact, the counter on the right sidebar lists 0ver 14,000 deaths since 9/11 due to Islamic terrorism.

Cox & Forkum outlined the problem back in 2006.

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