Sue Bradford Going

Well, Sue Bradford is off New Zealand Parliament the Green party er, nobody’s loss is everyone’s gain.

Unfortunately, as many have pointed out the damage is done, and it is serious.

But in spite of all that, and in spite of the fact that she is serial liar, and opposed open democracy and did her best to made the lives of tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of NZ parents (and anyone who has contact with children, small or grown) miserable, we wish her well with her future endeavors.

WhaleOil says (in part!)

there should be a wall at parliament called the Bradford Wall of Shame that lists every child that her meddling law failed to protect.

Well, if you believe the cover story. Really however, the bill was about removing parental rights in the belief that the world of children is all cupcakes and sugar fairies without evil parents around.

Genuinely abused children had little to do with it.


Looks like the loss of the leadership to Metiria Turei really hurt. But, despite Bradford being one of the most effective backbenchers, in terms of getting legislation passed, this is the best thing that has happened to the Greens this year. Watch for a rise in the polls for the Greens.

Indeed, when you spend your time telling 90% of the country they’re stupid, you’re a real drag on poll numbers.

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