Key on Letterman

Well, for once I agree with The Standard.

The more I think about it, the more Key’s Letterman approach is demeaning both to his office and New Zealand. Sure he did the stand up comedy competently but is that what we want our PM reduced to? A gag to be treated at best as a cute nobody, at worst dismissively, by some variety host?

I mean, sure have a laugh, but there shoudl[sic] have been be an interview as well. On the same show, there were interviews with the guy from The Mentalist and same guy playing Mick Jagger in a movie, FFS. Didn’t Key or Letterman think he had anything worthwhile to say? It’s disappointing that Key let himself as our PM be reduced like that.

I assume that the episode was the one Prime played last night while the news was on the other channels. I didn’t see Key’s performance there (saw it on youtube earlier), but it struck me that our PM was relegated to a pretty silly (though often funny) 4 min section while some random, uninteresting people who I’d never heard of were interviewed. I had thought they would have sat him down and got a bit more out of him – he is a head of state after all.

I guess though that the US viewers would have a different perspective.

I feel faint now, going to lie down.

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