Liston College’s Bullys

There’s a saying around the church – “I suggested to him that he might not be full of the spirit and he then opened his mouth and proved it”.

Dr and Mrs Flannagan sent their son to  Liston College. He was bullied.

The teachers did little, and the problem got worse and their son’s grades suffered badly. Eventually, the pulled their son from the school, and after getting the brush-off from the school they named the school in this post.

Well, if there was any doubt that their son was bullied, it’s gone now.

I can honestly say that in all my years of reading and writing for blogs, I have never seen anything approaching the abuse on that post from those claiming (at least one was forced to admit he was not) to be former classmates. Their comments are stuffed with irony and ignorance, slander and abuse that has to be read to be believed.

Many of the students are apparently writing from the school, during school hours. A few are embarrassed, but most simply think that they can justify physical assault on fellow students, and that somehow repeating that their school is “9th ranked” makes up for what happened and the attitude of staff.

It’s amazing with all the attention in the media to bullying and cyber-bullying in particular that this sort of thing can be ignored by a school like this.

I would suggest to Liston that they have a serious problem on their hands.

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