Proving the need for VSM

DPF links to some videos of a student meeting held in Wellington where some students decided to show up and demand their association support compulsory membership.

The association insiders try to shut it down by

  • breaking rules
  • announcing lack of quorum in a packed room (wait till the camera turns around – it’s absurd)
  • ignoring the result of votes

In other words, they employed every trick in the book legal and illegal to try and stop students having their say.

You read that right – the association tried to stop it’s members telling it what to do.

DPF reports that they’re now using similar tactics to overturn the result by scheduling a meeting…

So an illegal meeting, in breach of their own constitution, held in a bar at 11 am on a Friday (when all good students are hungover) is the first response of the compulsion lovers.

But it gets even better. After forceful representations about the illegality of the proposed Friday meeting (not that the forces of compulsion did the same thing at WSU – hold a vote with only a day or two’s notice) including a potential injunction, the compulsionaters have come up with an even better plan.

They have simply declared the Wednesday meeting void  on the grounds two VUWSA people declare a quorum count of 45, less than the required 50. Now note the resolution was passed with 80 people voting and a later quorum count (with one independent person) found there to be over 60 people present, and this count was done within the 30 minutes allowed in the constitution.

The chances of the VUWSA putting in a submission in support of VSM are roughly those of a snowball’s chance in hell. Even if they accept the legality of this vote (which they won’t) and the illegality of the new meeting (which they won’t) they will simply ignore the motion or spin it away somehow.

But that’s the point – the more VUWSA refuse to obey their own rules, and ignore their own members, the more they demonstrate the need for students to be allowed to remove their support from the association.

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