Confirming What Your Opponent Says

Seems like there’s been a few examples of this recently.Geert-Wilders-01_629815a

Geert Wilders, who is head of the Freedom Party, flew into Heathrow airport this morning after winning a court battle to enter the country.

Mr Wilders had been due to host a press conference on College Green, opposite the Palace of Westminster, at noon.

However, about thirty male activists from a group called Islam for UK began chanting: “Wilders burn in hell” and “Sharia for UK”.

Brandishing banners saying, “Sharia is the solution, freedom go to hell” and “Geert Wilders deserves Islamic punishment”, the protesters were held back by about fifty policemen.

Mr Wilders was advised not to confront or walk past the protesters and instead to hold his press conference in the nearby Abbey Gardens building used by members of the House of Lords.

Yep, that’s just the way to convince people you’re peace loving and non-violent.

Abu Muaz, from Islam For UK, said: “If I were to say some of the things he has said I would be arrested under the Terrorism Act. But because there is a war on Muslims he gets an easy ride.”

Funny, how many of those in the photo above were arrested? They seemed to have no trouble at all expressing death to various things including the freedom to protest.

He added: “When Muslims defend their faith, they are seen as extremists. This man [Wilders] has said more than enough. The future is bright, it is not orange, it is Islam.”

So reassuring.

Mohammed Shafiq, from the Ramadhan Foundation, said it was right that Mr Wilders had been allowed into the UK, but he should be closely monitored while in the country.

No problem: I have a feeling that he’ll be surrounded by security during his entire visit.

He said: “The right decision was made to let him in because we believe in freedom of speech in this country, no matter how abhorrent someone’s views are. But he has got to be monitored so that he doesn’t say anything to incite religious violence.

Something like… “The future is bright, it is not Islam, it is Orange”.

“If you start attacking somebody’s faith in the way that he has, they could react violently. Islam is not above criticism, and criticism based on a mutual respect and tolerance is fine. But his hatred is no different to the intolerance that the BNP and the far-Right are preaching.”

Actually, Wilders’ main point is that Islam must reject violence. Most people would consider that to be a first step towards “mutual respect and tolerance”. Threatening violence, as you are doing, means you really want people to say things that suit you or you’ll kill them. That’s not mutual respect and tolerance, that’s intimidation and subjugation.

The Muslim Council of Britain branded Mr Wilders “a relentless preacher of hate” and objected to “the rapturous welcome he is receiving in the name of free speech”.

So you are upset by those signs?

Muhammad Abdul Bari, it’s secretary-general, said: “At a time of heightened tension, with the unprecedented rise of the far-Right, we must all pull together and focus on points of unity and cohesion. Our unhealthy obsession with divisive figures only bolsters their objective to sow discord on the streets of Britain.”

Perhaps you could also focus on peace, love and tollerance – you seem to have unity and cohesion reasonably sorted.

Liberty Scott weighs in:

The UK government has for far too long been concerned about “offending Muslims”, when in fact the freedom and right to offend whoever you wish is fundamental to British society. It is not racism, it is criticism of a philosophy, a point of view. Being Muslim is not something you have that is inate, it is, or should be, a conscious choice. If you say “freedom go to hell” then I say “to hell with you and your ideas”. You are then the enemy.

If you cannot stand a society that criticises your strongly held beliefs and allows debate and derision of them, if you would rather threaten and use force to stop others offending you, then there is a better answer that should make you happier, and would make most Britons happier…


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