Oh you have got to be kidding

No Right Turn lashes out at Bob McCoskrie.

Family First’s Bob McCoskrie on the upcoming MMP referendum:

“The question ‘do voters want to retain MMP’ is confusing because a voter wanting change in the Electoral system will have to vote NO,” says Bob McCoskrie. “It’s a pretty weird referendum when yes means no and no means yes.”

Yes, it is – but I didn’t notice him complaining last time.

But snark about McCoskrie’s obvious hypocrisy aside…

Apparently, sarcasm isn’t Idiot’s thing. Hard to believe. slim-thug

What isn’t hard to believe is that Idiot/Savant simply doesn’t care about telling the truth when it comes to section 59. He’ll tell the most outrageous lies if it’ll make his side look better, without any compunction whatsoever.

Here’s the rest of what Bob said on his press release entitled: Govt Announces ‘Confusing’ Referendum

“Perhaps Dr Seuss could help re-word the question.”

“Not only that, voters will have to think about what political party and local electorate politician they want to vote for at the next general election, but now they also have to vote on the whole electoral system.”

“According to the previous Labour government, voters will simply not be able to cope with this decision making ‘pressure’, and the Electoral system will not be able to cope with counting so many votes.”

Family First NZ is stoked however that the Government is acknowledging the important of democracy by making this a binding Referendum.

“This is real democracy in action,” says Mr McCoskrie.

Yea… I’m going to go with sarcastic.

It could be worse, at least he linked to the page that refutes everything he says.

Oh, and talking about respecting the will of the people, let’s not forget his response to the vote. Bob’s sarcasim isn’t hypocrisy, but saying these sorts of things in response to a huge petition (& overwhelming referendum result) then claiming support for “improving democracy” (which he does about every second post) is.

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