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Well, it’s about time. It’s taken a few months, but the idea that parents should have no defense in court for using reasonable force for correction, and leaving discretion to police has finally registered as a “bad idea” with No Right Turn.

So much for “safeguards”. In reality, the government is handing police vast new powers with incredible potential for abuse – and then taking it on trust that they will use them appropriately and lawfully and not e.g. manufacture evidence to “get their man” (of course not; our police would never do such a thing). And that simply isn’t good enough. Systematic distrust of government is the guardian of democracy. And the best safeguard against possible police abuses is robust judicial oversight: making them go to court, present real evidence, and prove guilt not “on the balance of probabilities”, but beyond a reasonable doubt. And the government has chucked all that away, just to get a few “tough on crime child abuse” headline and an extra $14 million a year in revenue. Fantastic, isn’t it?

Oh, wait. He’s talking about the law that targets organised criminals. Apparently, being railroaded through the courts is fine if you tap your child on the bottom occasionally, but if you’re running a criminal enterprise and hiding the proceeds you are entitled to full process of law.

Thing is, most citizens can prove via their bank statements that they are not participating in crime – you can see the money going in, and the money going out. However, few parents if any can parent without using any force (remember, words/threats do count) when correcting children.

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