Obama v Bush – Who to kill?

Well, for those that follow the comments round here I’ve had a difference of opinion with someone. He thinks that it’s absurd to suggest that Bush was treated far worse than Obama, I think the reverse is absurd.

So I did some google searches.

Kill Bush” gives 37,300,000 results.

Kill Obama” gives 56,300,000 results.

So quite a few more for Obama… But then I realised there was something else – what the searches returned.

Bush’s… (click to enlarge)


And Obama…


So there you have it, some idiot put a single poll on Facebook, and the entire MSM and left of the blogosphere and much of the right wrote to condemn it. There are also some plots to kill him by various crazy people, and various crazy people convinced that he’s going to be killed.

Someone put up a game about Killing Bush, and everyone linked to it (as it’s the top search item). There are links from the right pointing out the craziness, and links from the left pleading for people to stop being crazy. Newspapers and Nobel Prize winners said they wanted to Kill Bush. (Bush also had plots to him, but these must be are buried in later pages. I guess people didn’t care if his life was threatened.)

Obama had a poll on Facebook by some idiot that was taken down in hours. Nobel Prize wanted to kill Bush, and the top search is a game which is still up over a year later with comments like “nice game i hate gearge bush”.

“Absurd” doesn’t even begin to describe the situation.

I pity the Secret Service.

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