Tuppence a Bag

Tonight, something completely different. I’ve assigned all the top blogs in NZ some from Mary Poppins.

Well, they just seemed to fit. Tell me if you agree 🙂

If Kiwiblog needed at theme song, you could do a lot worse that this one.

You know, feed the trolls, tuppence a bag. 😀

How about this one for The Standard – they’ve been having a go at capitalism lately and the ending would suit.

Go fly a kite” – sounds like WhaleOil

This one of course would do for The Hand Mirror

Tumke! for this one – the colour’s right and they’re such cheerful fellows.

Too accurate to be mine…

Spoonful of Sugar… must be Catus Kate.

Long words… that sounds like our resident theological doctorate.

ROTFLMAO – There’s really only one blog for this one!

Can’t forget one for FrogBlog. All that pollution, everyone in line (no deniers here!), and complete absence of reality. A character that seems a lot like Ian Wishart makes an appearance at 5:20. 🙂

A song of praise to Mary – can’t forget NZ Conservative.

Herds of black and white animals… sounds like a dairy farm.

Economics has that affect sometimes.

Ok, I’m out of Mary Poppins but this seems to be No Right Turn on so many levels!

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