A week is a long time on some blogs…

Funny how stories change.

So, after a week of bad press, the Maori Party has had enough of Hone Harawira, and want him out. This seems a little disproportionate – Hone is a loose cannon and a dick, but his recent behaviour doesn’t seem to justify eviction from the party. So what else is going on? Turia’s statement is revealing:

This is not just about a jaunt to Paris or bad language. It’s been an ongoing issue and it’s reached its end, very sadly

(Emphasis added)My guess is that Hone has been calling bullshit on the Maori Party’s increasingly subservient relationship with National and its support for policies which directly harm his constituents. And the leadership – which does very well out of that relationship, thankyou, with crown limos and a flag and a sense of utu – doesn’t want to put up with him rocking the boat anymore. In a sense, he’s being sacrificed to preserve Turia’s relationship with John Key.

(Bold Italics is mine)

But just the other day

And that’s the problem in a nutshell: we pay for public service, we get self-interest. If Harawira was an employee, he would unquestionably be sacked for this. But he’s not an employee, he’s a politician – and so we have to put up with him until 2011, and the only hope we have of getting rid of him is that the voters of Northland will tire of these sorts of abuses of the public trust.

So on the 5th of November, his behaviour was so bad he’d be sacked if he were an employee.

But today, after using a racist tirade to “defend” himself, it’s ok. Not only that, but any attempt to get rid of him is pandering to coalition partners.

Thing is, respect from the general public is essential for the Maori party to stay part of the Government. They need to be part of the goverment to get their agenda progressing – something they’ve done pretty well with under their partnership with National (far better than their “last cab off the rank” relationship with Labour!).

You can’t retain public respect if a member of your caucus is going around stiring up racial hatred.  Even worse if he’s doing it while defending skipping out on his duties as an MP.

But of course, all that has nothing to do with it –  Turia just wants to rid in a limo again.


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