Being Conservative in the USA

Yesterday at Kiwiblog DPF noted that Independents are veering towards the Republican party.

This is unusual – Gallup has the Republicans in the lead in their generic congressional ballot. For the first time, more people say Republican 48% to Democrat 44%.

Why? The Independents. They are now splitting 52% Republican to 30% Democrat. This is what happens when you veer towards your base, and not the centre.

Significantly more people do identify as Democrats. So again this makes a lead in the generic congressional ballot quite significant.

But then I recalled something I saw the other day.

So while most people might identify with the Democratic party, only 20% identify with liberalism. That’s why presidential campaigns go to great lengths to avoid being labeled with the term – even Kerry, by most measures even more liberal than the late Ted Kennedy, avoided the term when he ran in 2004.

What becomes interesting is when you take the two facts together – how can the Democratic party have the most voters when conservatives have such a long term advantage?

Answer: Demonise the Republicans.

Which explains a lot about how Democrats and the left in general behave. It explains why people are prepared to heap so much hatred on Limbaugh and Beck, why so much was covered up on Obama’s background while Palin’s was stripped bare down to the last detail.

Because if the public get the idea that the Democrats are not “moderate” and the Republicans might be, it’s all over for the left in the good ole USA.


  1. Democrats heap hatred on Beck?

    Beck heaps hatred on himself. You can hardly suggest that he is independant. He has a very hard right agenda to push. People only hate him because of the ill thought out statements that he says.

  2. Not saying that Beck’s in the middle. I’m saying that the democrats need to make people scared of him, while pretending they’re not that radical themselves.

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