Greenpeace Attempts Bribe of PM?

Sounds like it to me:

Prime Minister John Key will be offered $4781 by Lucy Lawless and Jim Salinger today in an attempt to get him to a climate change conference in Denmark next month.

Mr Key said he was comfortable sending Environment Minister Nick Smith to represent New Zealand.

His attitude has not gone down well with Greenpeace, which has been running a “Key to Copenhagen” fundraising drive involving cake stalls, sausage sizzles and donations.

Dr Salinger, a climate scientist, and actress Lawless have been tasked with presenting the proceeds to Mr Key, and plan to visit Parliament early this afternoon with the cheque and a boarding pass to Copenhagen.

Giving John Key money to try and change policy sounds very much like a bribe to me.

I guess it’s ok though – it’s for the planet and all that.

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