Thought for the Day

Isn’t it interesting that the people who criticised the “rush to war” in 2003 are the exact same people who now want us to take drastic and immediate action on climate change?

Consider the parallels:

  • a problem that might never happen
  • widespread agreement on the dangers of ignoring it from the experts in the field
  • accusations of tampered evidences from those outside the field
  • really costly solutions
  • known potential for instability from suggested solutions
  • sanctions that are used by a brutal dictator to kill millions while making himself rich…

– oh, wait that last one is just Iraq.

Unlike climate change however, we knew in Iraq that Saddam and any WMDs (and threats of WMDs) would be gone after the invasion. With climate change, the best we can hope for is to halt the accelaration of the upward trend – i.e. use of fossel fuels will continue at a mind-boggling rate.

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