Break Time

I’ve decided to take a break.

I expect that this will involve me not posting for a few days, then some light blogging after that. But we’ll see – I might close up the shop for good. Maybe I’ll move to a proper site. Who knows.

I’ve often struggled with blogging. I’ve found the conflict between being an entertaining blogger and a reasonable one to be a bit much recently. I’ve long found that if I think too much about something I won’t publish it, but on the other hand, I want to express considered opinions that won’t be demolished by the first critic that comes along. Keeping tab of hundreds of issues is also extremely distracting, and I could point to several major issues that I’m simply not as up-to-speed as I’d like to be.

I was pondering this conundrum over lunch. When I returned to my computer, I pulled up Wikipedia and read this

Writers of both Batman and Superman stories have often compared the two within the context of various stories, to varying conclusions. Like Superman, the prominent persona of Batman’s dual identities varies with time. Modern-age comics have tended to portray “Bruce Wayne” as the facade, with “Batman” as the truer representation of his personality[106] (in counterpoint to the post-Crisis Superman, whose “Clark Kent” persona is the ‘real’ personality, and “Superman” is the ‘mask’).[107][108]

One of those things to think about.

I’m not really sure if this blog is worth anything. Yet people are reading it. the first is a reason to walk away, but the second is a reason to stay. So I’m taking a break for a while.


  1. Well, lots of people do read your blog, so it is worth at least something in terms of the time they feel like investing.

    I find the same thing with posts – the ones I spend more time thinking about I find too time consuming to post, so I suspect my better posts never quite see the light, because I don’t have enough time to do the topic justice and feel like I’ve said what I need to.

    If I could allocate more time it might be a different story, but I’m finding I have less time available. I rely on the group blog to at least keep some content up there whilst I wax and wane.

    Have a good rest, but hopefully we will see you back here.

  2. I haven’t read a huge number of your posts, but those I have give the impression that you don’t think about the subjects you’re posting on at all. So, reasonable? Definitely not. Entertaining? Yes, but then I always figured (hoped) this was a parody blog anyway.

  3. “I’m not really sure if this blog is worth anything”

    I can’t say what it’s worth to you but I enjoy your posts – many amuse, some provoke, most interest me.

    The two posts which have followed this one suggest you’re already having second thoughts about a break.

    Blogging can take too much time if you let it. I respect your decision to take a break but hope you’ll pop back when the mood takes you and time allows.

  4. HP, Thanks for your comment.

    I’m still thinking, but if I do continue I need to get back to some of the things that got people’s attention early on – posts that no one else has done by virtue of the fact they’re sheer hard work.

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