No Greater Love

Who wouldn’t do this for their child or grandchild?

A grandfather has died trying to save his two young grandchildren, holding his grandson above his head as he slipped beneath the waves.

Witnesses say 55-year-old Jackie Maynard Wiki, of Te Kao, in the Far North, dived into the sea after seeing the two children caught in a rip at Ninety Mile Beach. He saved the children but could not swim back to shore.

Heta Conrad, 58, was at the Northland beach yesterday and said that as soon as Mr Wiki saw his grandchildren were in trouble, he was in the water.

“He just bolted straight in after them, he didn’t hesitate – he just wanted to get in there and help the grandchildren.”

The children would have died if Mr Wiki had not acted as quickly as he did, Mr Conrad said. “It’s a really great thing that he has done.”

Isn’t it great to see a story on how much children are treasured in this country?

Can there be any doubt that most parents and grandparents love their children this much?


  1. A tragedy, but he died protecting that which he loved in a truly self-sacrificing way.

    His children must be so proud, so grateful, so sad, so happy, so devastated all at the same time.

  2. we are so proud of our doesnt suprise me he done what he done..he loved his grandchildren so much as he did his own children. We are still in dibelief but we will get there eventually..home (te kao) will never be the same without my dad..miss u and will always treasure the memories u

  3. It is an honour to have known him. Jack loved his Children and his Grandchildren, you could see it in his face. It is a most disheartening thing to loose someone but as long as we remember him for the things he did he will always be in hearts. My greatest condolances to all his family from every person he has met during his life time, “We will miss u Jack because you were are truely a GREAT MATE”.

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