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The top honour of membership of the Order of New Zealand goes to Helen Clark. In some ways, it is no surprise, as former PMs David Lange, Mike Moore and Jim Bolger were also made ONZ, and Don McKinnon also is a member for holding high international office.

So it was inevitable Clark would be made a member, but so soon after she left office will leave a sour taste for many.

It’s not that sour to me. Given the new adminstration chose not to push for prosecutions for the crimes comitted by Labour during the Clark years, (like, stealing money to purchase elections – and let’s not forget the EFA) it’s “business as usual” and we have to get used to that.

What does rankle is that Clark broke the rules on the ONZ, appointing far more than the 20 allowed. (Hm, seems that there’s a bit more to it than that.) Oh yes, and there’s always the matter of Mr Johnathan “I’ve done nothing my entire parliamentary career” Hunt getting appointed.

Because of that, my preference would be for her to wait her turn, until a spot opens up.

That would be only fair.

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