Interests of the Few

I agree with Idiot Savant on the minimum wage increase.

Labour is putting its money where its mouth is on the minimum wage, with employment spokesperson Trevor Mallard putting up a bill to raise it to $15 / hour over the next two years. Its a good move, and it perfectly highlights the difference between Labour and National: one promoting the interests of the many, the other those of a privileged and greedy few.

It’s nice to see National promoting the interests of the many who don’t want to subsidise the jobs of other people who aren’t (yet?) qualified or experienced enough to earn more than minimum wage.

On the other hand are the few on minimum wage. Last I checked demanding money you don’t deserve counts as greed.

Naturally, I’m being factious. But it’s worth pointing out the nonsense that is the “National are evil, Labour are sweetness and light” meme.

Life is a lot more complicated than that, and the minimum wage seems to bring out the simpletons every time it’s debated.

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