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Think banning bullrush is bad? What about tag? What about this:

… A case in point? This principal’s letter to parents about why she doesn’t want kids to consider recess  ”free time.”

“[Our school is working to] change the perception of recess from free time away from learning to a valuable learning experience that will teach them and will help them cope in all social settings and environments. When children view recess as “free time” they have a tendency to act in a less responsible manner and push the limits of irresponsible behavior. In order to change the perception of recess, children must see that its content is respected and valued.”

Principal Mumbo-Jumbo is so into respecting “content” (whatever the heck that means) that she has outlawed tag! I guess by NOT running around, and NOT having carefree fun, and by thinking long and hard about LEARNING every single second of the day, these kids are going to turn into marvels of responsibility.

As with the Bullrush ban, these things have negative consequences in the long run. If kids don’t play rough games, playground injuries actually increase. I can only speculate the consequences of banning a game as simple as tag, but I’m guessing that without the ability to blow off steam in the playground, classroom learning is going to suffer – a lot.

That’s one consequence, let’s hope another is the sacking this principal.

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  1. Oh my goodness.

    That’s up there with the teacher who told me that if my 6 year old son couldn’t value and appreciate her input into his learning she would spend her time with a child who could.

    I’m so glad I home educate most of mine (1 in school, 3 not).

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