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Aria Has Organs!

For those following Aria MacDonald, she is currently undergoing her transplant.

It’s a mere 6 hour operation, starting at 1am!

Not a moment too soon. Here’s what I read this morning.

ANYWAY the frowns were because Aria has been more sleepy than normal and this isn’t a good sign.  ”What”!? I said  ”No it is because she is awake till 11pm and sleeps until 11am and you always see her asleep at rounds”  Ok and Aria proved them wrong and woke up and had a GREAT day laughing, walking, talking, playing, joking, smiling.But yesterday she slept the whole day.

So not sure what we are going to say to the white coats this morning.  Perhaps they are right but I don’t want to hear what they are saying.

Aria needs organs.  Soon.  Really soon.


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  1. So what organ exactly does the cute little girl need?

  2. She received a small bowel, kidney, liver and pancreas. Primarily, she needed a bowel due to being born without a working one.

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