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Congrats Oracle

Well, Alinghi has been put in it’s place, thoroughly thrashed by Oracle’s better boat.

It’s a pity the series was only best of 3. Due to the dispute, the “original rules” applied to the race. What this effectively meant (as decided after the ’88 mismatch) was “build the biggest, fastest boat you can – so long as it’s wind powered”. Multihulls are faster than monohulls, so that’s what everyone goes with.

What you end up with is the equivalent of a 100m race with both athletes stuffed full of whatever performance enhancing drugs they can get their hands on.

Now with Alinghi and their attempts to skew the rules out of the way, we can get back to proper racing the way most people think of the America’s cup – a challenger series, meeting the winner of a defender’s series. Hopefully we can have a new class too, as the “fast spots” of the IACC rule are now quite well known, with only small performance enhancements possible. Alinghi had the right idea proposing one, but keeping the details to themselves (so they could test and build while everyone else was guessing) simply wasn’t on.

Let’s just hope there’s less legal machinations next time.

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