Private Health Care – For the “Stupid”

No Right Turn spews hatred while talking about the US reforms.

Oh, there may be some waiting if surgery is “voluntary” (meaning “not immediately life-threatening”), but that’s the general principle. Healthcare is seen as a public good, like sewers and a fire service and a welfare system – something necessary for people to get on with their lives. Private health insurance is for stupid people who don’t know they don’t need it (alternatively, snobs who don’t want to mingle with the hoi polloi), or for people with cosmetic surgery addictions.

I know someone who needed a “not life threatening” surgery. He was in pain and unable to work. He was told he’d have to wait for weeks.

Thing was, he was a farmer. Waiting for weeks meant he would be unable to work, and his farm would suffer.

Thing is with farmers, if your farm suffers too badly, you lose it.

Thing is with losing your farm, you also lose your house, and your savings.

He paid for the operation privately.

He still has his farm.

So, tell me – is he…?

  1. stupid
  2. a snob
  3. addicted to cosmetic surgery

1. Well, he’s not stupid. He’s built a business out of nothing out of sheer hard work. Idiot on the other hand is rumoured to have never worked a day in his life and regularly pontificates on matters he knows nothing about because he doesn’t have to put his income on the line.

2. He spends hours a day at the rear end of cows, so I’m picking he’s not a snob. Snobs don’t like hard work, and look down on people who are different to them. Hm…

3. Not even going to bother dignifying that one with a response.

But hey, facts smacts. Why acknowledge the failures of the public health system, when you can slander it’s victims?

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  1. hes getting pretty close to giving financial advice byt claiming you don’t need medical insurance. could get sued for a hell of a lot (not that anything he has was not paid for by us anyway). especially when the new regulatory regime comes in at the end of the year.

    Malcolm is a tool asusual

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