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Ok, so I guess no one’s missed the blog rankings.

After last month’s farce, I decided that there were a few aspects that needed tidying up.

One issue is that there are a number of blogs that are simply not there anymore – gone. I’ve now gone through the “defunct” blogs and discovered about 40 blogs that have either disappeared, deleted or the owner has signed off for good and not returned in reasonable time. These will now be removed. I’m still subscribed to all the RSS feeds, so any returns should get noticed… eventually.

The other issue is more behind the scenes. I realised that the time it takes is again starting to creep up. That’s a sign that I need to sharpen up my processes again, so I’ve also been working on that. Suffice to say, it’s been more work than I expected.

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  1. “…so I guess no one’s missed the blog rankings”
    Cue Tui ad…

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