Nice to see Maori TV playing Reach for the Sky on ANZAC day.

But while watching the clipped “righto chaps!” accents of 1950’s England, I couldn’t help but think that this was a slight deviation from what the Chanel was originally setup for!

It’s quite a story though, and a pity the movie has to gloss over so much. The book mentions that he was able to get dressed faster than any other pilot because he simply strapped on his legs and pulled up his trousers – no bothering with shoes and socks, since he never had to remove them!

Classic lines though – the phrase “we’ve not got a leg to stand on” is used in a quite literal sense! Also love the classic dialog when Bader stirs the pot because he can’t get spares and tools for his planes.

Bader: [Spotting the Base Commander] I was just on my way to find you, Sir. We’ve been unable to get replacement spares and tools, so I’ve sent this signal of to Group. ‘242 Squadron fully operational as regards pilots, but non-operational, repeat, non-operational as regards equipment’
Bader’s 242 Squadron Base Commander: [Taking the signal form from Bader and reading it] You know, you just can’t do this!
Bader: Well, I’ve done it, Sir.
Bader’s 242 Squadron Base Commander: There’ll be an awful row at Group.
Bader: There’ll be an awful row at Fighter Command. I sent them a copy too!
Bader’s 242 Squadron Base Commander: Well, I can see your squadron will either be getting new equipment or a new C.O. I wouldn’t like to bet on which!


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