Ah, the good old days of Bush

After the Bush years, many of us woldn’t have ever though the left would try to claim the moral high ground again.

But they have. So New Zeal has a no-holds-barred reminder of the ugly obscenity-filled hate speech that was was oh-so-common through those years.

But let’s be clear. There is no doubt that both the left and the right have extremists. Personally, I believe that BDS fostered and encouraged by democrats in congress* demonstrated the left is worse, but I can respect the middle view that both are as bad as each other. My point is merely that the claims by the left that this is only a feature of the right, are flagrantly false.

*For example, by claiming that Bush manipulated intelligence so he alone in the world got the “correct” reports that told him there were no WMD in Iraq.

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