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Good Joke Mr Key

John Key does have a fine sense of humour.

“As I said, the good news was that I was having dinner with Ngati Porou as opposed to their neighbouring iwi, which is Tuhoe, in which case I would have been the dinner,” he said to the audience of about 200 from the tourism sector.

Tuhoe don’t seem to get the joke, angrily claiming John is trying to paint them as cannibals.

Funny, I thought he was trying to paint them as angry. Which they are.

Perhaps in hindsight not a good idea to put more fuel on that particular fire, but one does wonder why we can’t laugh at ourselves more often. In fact, one Tuhoe comment described the joke as “poor taste” which hopefully was just that.

Do we want to be as uptight about race relations as the US, where the sensitivities have been ramped up so much that the anti-racism movement has in fact become racist itself?

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  1. MacDoctor thinks this was a deliberate ploy by Key.

    (Apologies for link whoring)

  2. Yes, I saw that. Personally I think your post proves you know too much for someone who’s supposed to not have any contacts in Wellington – I smell a conspiracy!!!

  3. […] On the other hand Kiwiblog says his own sense of humour is one reason he’d never be an MP;  Keeping Stock thinks people should lighten up and  was inspired to make a contribution to New Zealand Music Month. Something Should Go Here thinks it was a good joke. […]

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