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For those who are interested, I am still happy to add people to the NZ Political Bloggers Political Spectrum Chart.

I’ve also added in many of the missing links, after being interrupted half way through the job months back.

Please note! The quiz is this one.

In hindsight, this one is more popular and we should have used it instead as people stumble on it themselves.

Oh, and can someone please come forward with a higher authoritarian score than mine!!!

Comments on: "NZ Political Bloggers Political Spectrum Chart Still being Updated" (4)

  1. Stephen said:

    On yah for doing this.

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  3. Hmmmmm. Not what I thought it would be. Ever so slightly Left (0.08) AND libertarian (0.55)? Shudder.

  4. BTW, well done for getting on to this!

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