Miss USA does it again

Remember last year’s Miss USA contest? The one where a judge went onto his website to call a contestant a stupid b**** after she correctly answered his question, and the controversy that followed.

Well, they’ve made a good start this year.

So far:

  • The first place getter is an Arab-American who called birth control a “controlled substance” and showed she didn’t understand the fundamental idea behind insurance.
  • The second place getter (Miss Oklahoma) said she supported Arizona’s recent immigration law change.
  • It’s now been revealed that the winner’s family allegedly has links to terrorists, and won a pole-dancing competition.

I doubt Miss Oklahoma’s position had much to do with her second place, but I do wonder what excuses the pageant will come up with as to why they shouldn’t remove the winner since they worked so hard to put a politically correct face on the winners podium. It would be an incredibly bad look to have her removed.

I’m reminded again of the story of Jackie Robinson. When looking for the first black player to play in the “white” leagues, it was as important to find a man of character as it was to find a good player. Grabbing the best minority candidate without considering carefully if they really are the best can do more harm than it does good.

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