Who do you trust? Israel or Activists?

I’m starting to see some media almost sympathetic towards the Israeli forces.

Let’s face it:

  • Everyone was told the flotilla was peaceful
  • The Israelis treated it as peaceful, albeit breaking the blockade
  • But when they boarded under that assumption, they were beaten and stabbed

But it was interesting to watch the various reactions immediately afterward. Information was sketchy, and the number of deaths was not known.

On one hand, Israel quoted 10 dead. The activist representative, Gretta Berlin, who spoke to Radio NZ quoted “at least” 19 dead, 50-80 wounded.

Israel quoted a figure that was low, the activists claimed that Israel was covering up a figure close to twice that. But listening to their representative, I got the definite impression that she was more interested in ramping up the rhetoric than anything else.

Yet even though the activists by their own admission were cutoff from any reliable information, a lot of people came out and announced that they didn’t trust Israel’s account.

So who was right once all the dust settled?

Well, both The BBC and the Times Online are quoting 9 dead.

That’s 9 too many, but it’s also one less than Israel’s figure.

So if your bet was in Israel to lie and cover up, you just lost your money.

I listened to the audio of that interview again. It just doesn’t stack up with what we now know. Not even close.

  • “The only weapons on board belonged to Israel”
  • “We have always been non-violent”
  • Repeated that they “didn’t find” weapons, but then…
  • Stated that if they did, then Israel planted them  – I guess when you get statements like that together, you know you’re being spun a pile of porkies. But besides, when did they plant them, before boarding?
  • Stated that she “didn’t think” that the solders were attacked. Quite an error to make, since she went on to state that she was watching the whole thing live.
  • Claimed that the Israeli video was edited. Her take on what happened in the “unedited version”:
  • Helicopter hovered over the ship
  • Commandos came down a ladder
  • They stepped off the ladder, looked around and started to shoot
  • “You gotta remember that is 4:30 in the morning, 4:30 in the morning when everyone is sleeping”. – Seems like we have the first ever “sleep riot” on our hands! Lucky they decided  to watch their people sleep on life TV eh?
  • Stated 20% were over the age of 60 – in which case one wonders why they were there, to unload cargo?
  • Stated that the Israelis were “armed to the teeth” – yes, with riot control gear
  • “Who is killed, who is wounded? We are!” – implicit denial that Israeli solders were wounded.

She then proceeded to rant about how all the passengers had had their cellphones taken away, as though this was some sort of cruel or unusual thing after a ship has been seized like this.

She also claimed that a Turkish and Greek captain were shot and wounded. Funnily enough, when interviewed this captain didn’t mention that – though the Iranian influences of the news service seem to have lead to different distortions of the story. I guess those cellphone confiscations prevented them from getting their stories straight.

After ranting about them bringing in aid, she stated “this is obscene”, and she was “so angry” she couldn’t string together two sentences.

Well, two true sentences. And yes, lying like that is obscene.


    1. It wasn’t the most impressive find, and there are some kitchen knives in there.

      However, at least one of the knives is most certainly not from the kitchen, plus they had a significant stock of heavy sticks, and catapults complete with bottles of suitable sized rocks.

      They certainly didn’t find guns though, but even that is interesting since it shows that they didn’t plant any either, wich was another claim.

      I guess the “activists” thought their supporters would excuse them using heavy sticks and knives – and they were right.

  1. It was the paint ball guns that caused the trouble.
    “Get them, Allah has made us invincible, it is a miracle”

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