I’m stunned at the Manurewa Cosmopolitan Club’s vote to ban all head coverings.

Before now, the policy could have been put down to a historical quirk, where all gentlemen were expected to doff their bowler hats at the door. Having it pointed out that this quirk discriminated against members of the Sikh religion, one expected to see it removed.

But the club has endorsed it. Having done so, they deliberately done something that will discriminate against a certain group of people. This effectively has moved the rule from the status of a quirk, to being full-on, all-out racism.

The Sikh Council said “asking a Sikh to remove their turban is akin to asking someone to strip down”.

“For practising Sikhs, donning the turban is not a matter of choice – they must don it or feel naked without it,” it said.

What next, banning Muslims? Black people? Maori? Bet that would go down well in Manurewa.

Update: Corrected spelling.


  1. “…The Pukekohe club, where Mr Singh is a member, declined to comment on record, saying it did not want to get involved in the politics, but that Mr Singh had been an important member of the club and it had never had a problem with his turban…”

    Could be a poltical purge, rather than racism. Why else would the club call him “important” and then try to ban him. Happens all the time in every type of club you can imagine. Clubs are, by definition, political and discriminatory.

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