“Judicial Murder”

Idiot is concerned that a murderer might get a death sentence.

He calls this “Judicial Murder”.

I assume he calls the usual punishment “Judicial Kidnapping”. I suppose that makes justice “Judicial Vengance” – expect a new campaign against that shortly.

It’s always a bit grim, when you heard people talking about how barbaric it is that we execute murderers. Then you hear what they did, how many people they killed, and for just trivial reasons, the torture they caused completely innocent lives. Somehow, once the fully story is heard, I’m always left thinking “yes, something about this is barbaric all right, but it ain’t the thought that this low life is going to die”.

But isn’t it lovely to know that some people won’t even have someone killed when it’s proven beyond reasonable doubt that they took a life themselves, but will quite happily support the murder of the unquestionably innocent, least someone be inconvenienced for a few months because they didn’t use contraception properly?

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