“Not Enough Evidence”

The police have bizarrely decided that there is not enough evidence to show that Russell Norman was assaulted.

Dim Post mirrors my own thoughts.

Really anything could have happened out there: all the police had to go on was TV footage from both networks, photographic evidence, parliamentary security cameras and dozens of eye-witnesses including members of the DPS. How Dr Norman’s flag went from in his hand to being trampled underfoot by the Chinese security forces will just have to remain a mystery for the ages.

While I have no doubt that any investigation would not have resulted in a prosecution, this crime still should have been investigated. An assault on a VIP (Dr Norman is the leader of our third-largest political party after all) which is captured on video should be taken very seriously.

The fact that the police refuse to do so, and this gob-smackingly pathetic excuse, suggest something very, very wrong in police HQ.


  1. That activists love to throw themselves against people in order to claim assault is a intentional misuse of the freedom to protest. Goading people into behaving badly is not the moral high ground, regardless of the cause. If your cause is true, you will win out. If your cause is just a vehicle for your own inner disquiet, you’ll become a professional busy body and disturber of the peace. Such people should be legally restrained, or in the very least, their timewasting complaints legally ignored. Who was I reading this morning…? Ah yeah, an article on Cactus Kate’s… a piece written by Chris Trotter who was remembering the effective and dignified protests of Rod Donald.

  2. I know you’re not blogging but I have to pass this along in case you’ve never heard it. Fat chance though.

    I’m from Georgia and the story goes that they found a black guy in the Chattahoochee River in the sixties. His feet were set in concrete, he was bound with chains, had two gun shot wounds to the head and forty seven stab wounds in his abdomen. The paper reported the next day that the police said it was the worse case of suicide that they had ever seen.

    Great blog by the way, too bad you’ve stopped. But I don’t blame you.

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