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Foolish, foolish words

One wonders why exactly Te Ururoa Flavell though this would be a good thing to say.

However, acting Maori Party leader Te Ururoa Flavell said the bill was the best the party could negotiate in the circumstances and it was possible there would be “another time for our people to come back and have another go in the future”.

“We will certainly be looking at it again, as we will with all other policy positions we have at the moment. What happens after the next election, who knows? Anything can happen and we leave that to iwi to give us a lead on.”

How wonderful. So the Maori party have just opened the door to endless littigation on the foreshore and seabed. Because you can bet your bottom dollar that if they get a “better deal” later, it won’t have the support that the current law has and will have a higher chance of repeal once power changes hands. Then later the Maori party gets power again…

If I were John Key, I’d be seriously considering whether this bill was a government priority.

Update: One other thing.

However, the Green Party will oppose it. Co-leader Metiria Turei said it did not address the fundamental injustice of Maori losing ownership rights.

Funny how the Green Party is so into property rights only when they don’t (necessarily) exist.

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