Ground Zero Mosque – Two questions

  1. Am I the only person who thinks this sounds a whole lot like a moderate call to arms?
  2. Does that even make sense?

The opposition to the Ground Zero mosque isn’t going to go away. I’m not saying that because I’m behind it, but as a simple statement of fact – it won’t.

Therefore, the only people who can defuse the situation are those building it. If they moved the project a few blocks further away, they would undercut most criticism – not all, but most. They would then have their community center, and those who continued to oppose the project would cease to have the moral mandate they do now.

It would be a good way to go I think, a real win-win. You complete the project and have an object lesson in compromise and tolerance to teach Muslim youth. Ground zero would be the perfect place to make such a gesture towards the feelings of Americans who feel that Islam attacked them. It would say “we disagree with you, but respect that there are sensitivities here”.

So why are they digging in?

Moderate? Hm.

Update: This was written before the developments this morning.

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