Quote of the day, identifying the Savages edition

“moral guilt fully belongs to those who commit actual murder in response to mere symbolism.”

From this post, which continues…

They’re not just talking about burning our flag. They’re doing it. Are we behaving like packs of animals and going around killing people? No. Because we’re not savages. And the radical Islamists are.As Dafydd notes: “After such a Koran burning, Moslem insurgents will attack our troops. But of course, it’s also a 100% certainty that if the burning is called off — Moslem insurgents will attack our troops. So it goes.”

I’m glad the guy’s not going to burn the books. But the murderers will murder and attack no matter what. If they can’t blame it on this, they’ll find something. They can always justify their violence.

Exactly. You don’t want to inflame a radical, but you must remember that first and foremost that person is a radical no matter what you do.

And sometimes the only way to deal with that is confrontation.

Trick is to pick your battles.

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