Good Customer Service

I do tend to go on a bit (in real life) about customer service – good or bad.

This guy gets full marks.

Chelsea writes: “To the kind man who stopped on the northwestern motorway to help a blushing girl last Friday at 5.30pm. I had foolishly run out of petrol, when to my surprise Mr Floyd Ormsby of ‘Supreme Miracle Clean’ turned up with a petrol can. He promptly filled up my car, tapped my roof and headed off on his way.You were a total saviour …”

I would suggest that any small businessman (especially those with large ads already on the sides of their vehices) keep a spare can of petrol handy. This fellow’s just landed a glowing endorsement in the country’s most read column, but at the very least a grateful motorist will mention you to several friends.

I’m guessing $10 of petrol is both a lot cheaper and a lot more effective than most advertising out there!

Update: While we’re at it, here’s the polar opposite.

“I allowed two men into my home to demonstrate a cleaning system,” says Jan. “It turned out to be one and a half hours hard-sell of a vacuum cleaner. I told them I wasn’t in the market for a $3000 vacuum, so they packed up. One asked to use the toilet. Later, I found he’d sprayed all over the seat and the floor.”

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