Israeli raid on Gaza terror flotilla broke law – UN probe

They beat men armed with crowd control paintball guns with iron bars, but it was Israel that was at fault.

Israel’s military broke international laws during a raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla, a UN Human Rights Council investigation says.

Its report said the action by commandos, which left nine dead, was “disproportionate” and “betrayed an unacceptable level of brutality”.

It said there was clear evidence to support prosecutions against Israel for “wilful killing”.

Israel rejected the report as “biased” and “one-sided.”

It insists its soldiers acted in self-defence during the 31 May raid.

Gee what a surprise.

If only they had video which proved their point of view – oh wait, they had that too.


  1. Sorry, this is a random question. There used to be a page online under your name, “Something Should Go Here, Maybe Later: Offensive Content”; that actually listed in one place, all the sins and scandals of the Helen Clark government. I am gutted that I can no longer find it. If I remember rightly, it had a nice photo of countryside at the top of it. Please can you help? I have never seen such a good compilation anywhere else.

    1. The kiwiblog index is still there – is that what you were looking for? The pic came with the old look. Just working on December 06 now…

      1. No, it was more than an index, it was a continuous summary list and brief explanation of each scandal. It might have been in alphabetical order of the name of the Cabinet Minister or MP involved in each scandal. It was the best and most comprehensive summary I have ever seen anywhere, short of actually reading a whole book (Ian W’s one).

        I am quite anxious that someone, somewhere, has such a list posted, that is easily referable. It should be regularly referred to, lest we forget. If anyone can point to such a list on any site, I’d be much obliged.

  2. That’s the one, thank you. I see now that it actually needs adding to! Do you think you or someone else could attend to making a comprehensive list? It is appalling that there does not seem to be any such thing around. I might ask around a few of the blogs though.

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