Hatred in Europe

So often you hear about the crazy people (and to be fair, some are) who picket abortion clinics in the United States.

But the MSM seems very disinterested in giving the other side of the story.

Hat Tip Andy.

As the organizers began to pass out white crosses to the pro-life marchers, many on the other side began to steal crosses so they could hold them upside down.  As we took formation in the street, the pro-aborts were lining up beside us screaming the most foul and sexual things at the pro-lifers.  They were holding the crosses upside down, waiving rubber sexual organs and throwing condoms filled with water at us.

I was up in the front of the March with some of the other speakers and a group of youth and we just kept in an attitude of prayer as we ignored what was being yelled at us.  I had an easier time ignoring them as I don’t speak German, but I was told later what was being said.

The German police did an amazing job keeping the pro-aborts away from us as we marched through Berlin; I must credit the police there with being some of the best I have ever seen.  When we arrived at the church for the end of the march, the pro-aborts tried to break through the police lines and were very unsuccessful.  One lone man got into the church service but was carried out when he rushed for the microphone.

This later paragraph I think show just how understated his account is.

After the youth party that followed the march, Michel and I rode the metro back to our hostel late that night.  We started to talk to a couple about the march and they got up and ran off the train.  A minute later they returned with many of the pro-abort protesters from that day.  We ended up staying on the metro past our stop and had a great conversation with some of them.

“With some of them”. No doubt in my mind of the attitude the others in that group…

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