Take head, apply to brick wall

I was reading a fairly routine blog post on NRT, when I just realised my irony meter broke.

This has all been done very quietly, and Mackey hasn’t issued any press statement on it; given the lack of attention paid to Member’s Notices of Motion (which are usually used to formally congratulate people MPs want to suck up to in their electorates), I’m wondering whether she was hoping to have the regulations disallowed by stealth. While this would show up the Minister, its democratically dubious. Debating the motion forces both government and opposition to make their case, and lets the public judge which is the stronger. Unlike politicians, I happen to think that is a Good Thing.

Gee, so so I guess that means when you say something stupid and people tell you so, this is now a good thing?

I wonder what’s going to change first – the post or the “no comments” policy.

Note, I happen to agree absolutely with the above. As I always say, I keep comments open so people can tell me when I’m being an idiot (yet, I’m still here… 🙂 )

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