Hang on, that person not only isn’t crazy, I actually agree with them

The left love to portray Tea Party candidates as lunatic idiots. Here’s a couple of quotes I found on my feeds.

Exhibit 1:

In television and radio ads, Reid’s aides have tried to create and then exploit perceptions that Angle is a dangerous reactionary.

It has not been especially difficult work.

But the point is this.  He’s dangerous.  Because of him and egregious a–holes of his ilk, we have a bunch of mouth breathing idiots walking around calling themselves the Tea Party.  We have Sharron Angle and Rand Paul and a growing number of oxygen starved brains that are willing to resort to violence because of an ideology that they haven’t the capacity to even grasp.
There’s just one problem with this: what happens when the canditate you’ve portrayed as barly able to get out of bed debates, and gets reviews like this?

NBC’s Chuck Todd: “Reid’s problem tonight is that while Angle wasn’t great, his performance made her look passable.”

Politico’s Dave Catanese: “Utterly subpar.”

Political Wire’s Taegan Goddard: “Reid didn’t knock out Angle but she had him on the ropes. Have to give the edge to Angle …”

Political writer Taylor Marsh may have summed it up best: “Sharron Angle passed the ‘I’m not crazy test’ with flying colors. Focused too. This lady just might pull this off. Reid didn’t take her out.”

Congratutions Democrats, you’ve just proved something to a whole bunch of voters.

That is, that they can’t trust a word you say.

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