Get back to work, greedy teachers

Wow, a leading newspaper lashing the teacher’s unions.

Secondary teachers’ union head Kate Gainsford wants today’s strike to be seen as being all about a Government that does not value teachers or education, and that is mucking her members about.

There is a good reason she is doing that.

Clothing its extravagant wage demands in the beguiling rhetoric of selfless dedication to the cause of education is the PPTA’s only chance of making them acceptable to the public.

If the union were to get real it means it would lose the argument.

To win, it would have to demonstrate why, in straitened economic times when the Government is borrowing to cover costs, its members should get a 4 per cent pay rise after receiving 4 per cent in each of the previous three years.

It would need to convince the public why its members should be treated differently from nurses and police – and the bulk of the rest of the New Zealand workforce, which has had minimal or no pay rises.

Like so much that comes from the education unions, it all sounds reasonable until you start to think about the wider context. They can cry all they like about zero real increases, but that’s not going to cut it when everyone who pays their wages is going backwards.

Time for some union crushing methinks. These idiots have to be put in their place, and reminded that they’re one of the few jobs that can be done better by amateurs.


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