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Seperate section for Kids?

Spotted this on Stuff.

Nealy 60 per cent of travellers would like children to be contained to a “families only” section on flights, according to a survey by price-comparison site Skyscanner.

Not surprisingly, non-parents were the biggest supporters of the idea, with just 8 per cent of those surveyed arguing that families should be able to sit wherever they like and the majority saying they wanted to sit “as far away as possible from children”.

Seems very anti family and anti children to want them kept away from yourself.

A quarter of non-parents surveyed went as far as saying they would prefer their flights to be completely child-free.

Yet nearly half of the parents surveyed rejected the idea, saying they didn’t want to sit next to “other people’s horrors”.

To me, this is the real issue – we (as in society) are raising an increasing number of brats.

And that brings me to the big issue I’d have with these areas – why should parents who do a good job of raising their kids, who’s kids don’t kick up a fuss on flights be thrown in with those who do?

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