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Of for pete’s sake, grow up.

The family were travelling to a motor racing event and were going through the small town of Reporoa – just south of Rotorua – at around 9am on Saturday.

Mr Haggett said he had gone through a 50km/h sign and immediately adjusted his speed as he approached a group of shops.

So had their been no shops he’d have ignored the speed limit completely?

“I’m decelerating and decelerating. And I see this guy with a laser come out of nowhere and stop us. He tells me I’ve been doing 75km/h.

“I didn’t see a police car, I didn’t see him – he was hiding behind the pole with his laser. How fair is that? It’s not.”

Who cares if you could see him or not. This isn’t a tennis match with the police on the opposing team, it’s law enforcement. You break the law, you’re liable for penalty.

Mr Haggett said he believed that he had been driving to the speed limit and had argued with the officer about this, before giving in and driving away with a $170 ticket.

So was he slowing down, or was he within the law?

I agree that this behaviour is blatant revenue gathering – so’s Lotto. But it’s legal, which is more than we can say about people who only keep to the speed limits when they think they won’t get caught and complain when they aren’t given a “sporting chance” to avoid punishment.



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