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I recall a while ago that someone was proposing an add-on to Wellington Airport terminal that looked a lot like two pumpkins.

At the time, I thought it was a prank or one of those ideas just to get attention.

So it was with more than a little shock that I saw that they were not only being taken seriously, but were actually built!

Dubbed “The Rock” and likened to a pair of pumpkins because of its shape and copper plating, the new terminal is the final stage of a $60 million development that began in 2006.

It will be opened today by Prime Minister John Key.

I’m still struggling to understand how come an entire group (I assume) of people were persuaded to build this thing, and none of them pointed out the obvious.

No wonder the “Wellywood” sign was taken seriously.


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  1. You know, when this was initially proposed I thought it must be a joke. But now it’s built I understand it’s pretty cool (from a friend who went on a tour of it).
    I was searching for the website that let you make your own Wellywood sign, but it appears to have been decommissioned. It would have been fun to resurrect it while The Hobbit is so topical.

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