Quote of the day – Orwellian Edition

Ok, I should only have one “quote of the day” but this one was just too much to sit on.

Still, she has never faced serious criticism in public in a campaign setting, and it’s impossible to anticipate how she would react to it

Who is that talking about? Sarah Palin.

Now, It doesn’t seem right to question if politico knows anything about US politics, but it’s hard to think of a more reality-challenged quote than to suggest Palin hasn’t “faced serious criticism in public in a campaign setting”.

That’s like pretending no one ever called Bush Hitler – oh wait, they’ve done that too.

[Channels Blackadder]

In fact, the only way any reporter would be able to write such drivel is if they had been locked in a led coffin on the bottom of the Thames for the last 5 years with nothing to do but read a book entitled “50 ways to cut cucumbers with your left ear” while a blind monk taps the soundtrack of the 1929 movie adaptation of Rumpelstiltskin on the lid with a long bamboo pole.

But it’s Palin, so anything goes – even lying about the fact that with Palin, anything goes.


  1. Some of these people are so biased that they probably believe the stuff they spout.

    Of course, maybe they are precognitive? Perhaps Sarah Palin has had a free ride with the media compared to the next phase they are planning? Before, all their criticism was just “made up” and “for fun”. Who knows what will pass for “serious criticism” from the left.

    Have they had her eating dead babies yet?

    1. Well, I tried thinking of ways that they might be taken seriously. And I thought up a couple.

      But then I decided no, I’m not going to do that. Words have meaning, and this is one of those instances where what they mean is an absurd lie.

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