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Racism at Kiwibank

An appalling example of racism from Kiwibank.

Miss Stirling said she went to the store last month to do the school’s banking, but had forgotten her bank details.

Asked to provide the name of the account by the female teller, she answered “Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Otepoti”.

“She just laughed. And then she got her manager and said, ‘Come and listen to this’,” Miss Stirling said.

She repeated “Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Otepoti” to the pair, and then a nearby cafe worker was invited by the bank staff to listen as she repeated the school’s name for a third time.

To add further insult, when asked her surname to complete the transaction, she was told it “was much better” to understand, before being farewelled with “kakariki”, which translates to “green”, as she left the building.

I don’t see how that is remotely funny myself. It’s also completely unprofessional behaviour by the bank staff, especially inviting a non-staff member to hear the “joke”.


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