Top 10 Reasons the Dems Lost

Liberty Scott has a list of self-serving excuses that the Democrats will almost certainly use after yesterday’s loss.

1.   Opponents (or enemies) don’t believe in science or facts.  They are stupid.
For some reason, the left think that they can win votes by insulting the voters. To be fair, this sometimes works, but in this instance it just makes mad people madder.
Or to put it another way, “Oh, someone’s stupid all right”.
2.   Democrats have been gutless and haven’t defended their “amazing achievements” well enough.

Personally, I’ve never considered writing big fat cheques to be any sort of “amazing achievement”, and it’s actually the other way around – those in the tea party understand those “achievements” all too well.

3.   Democrats did the right thing, even though it is unpopular (oh yes, really hard decisions to spend more money they didn’t have).
I don’t think it’s even possible for a left-wing administration to do the right thing when it’s unpopular. Ok, so theres’ Tony Blair…
4.   It’s history, you always lose somewhat after 2 years.  Nothing new.
I’ll just check that one with Bush… nope.

5.   Democrats were too moderate, not enough change.   Not enough government.

To be fair, they did seem to have a hard time getting things done even though they did control the entire government. Rember that promise to close Gitmo in 1 year?

6.   Democrats have communicated badly.  It’s about marketing.
See also (1).
7.   Evil big business and foreign (remember these are people who name others as racist) money is feeding the enemy.  They aren’t real Americans looking after real Americans.
Yea, sure. Like foreigners support Republicans. How come no one ever talks about Big Unions?

8.   Racism.  Why else would you oppose a Black President?

See also (1). Personally, I was suprised to see a lot less of the “tea party is racist” meme in the last few days.

9.   The media is to blame, especially evil Fox News.   It does a lousy job.  It didn’t give Obama an easy run at all did it?
Funny how little the left actually believes in freedom of speech and of the press – when they’re losing. While I’m at it, it’s funny how fairness is only for when you’re in the minority.
10. It’s Bush again.  Yes all that small government rhetoric, so common wasn’t it?
Bushittler got all those people to produce those horrid signs showing Obama as hitter. That’s simply unconscionable.
I dunno, this one’s a tossup – I suspect they might have worked out by now that one’s counter-productive. But given their other excuses, perhaps that might be presuming a bit much.
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