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George Charlie Baker

I read in the Herald just now that George Baker has been sentenced to Preventative Detention (translation for overseas: lock ’em up and throw away the key). I wondered if the prison kidnap in the headline really deserved such a harsh punishment.

he man who killed teenager Liam Ashley in the back of a prison van four years ago was today given preventive detention for taking another prison inmate hostage and threatening to kill a prison guard.George Baker is already serving a life sentence with a minimum of 18 years non-parole for murdering Liam Ashley whom he strangled and stomped to death in the back of a prison van taking them to Mt Eden Remand Centre in Auckland in 2006.

He appeared in the High Court in Auckland today for sentencing over two other unrelated incidents.

In August he was convicted of kidnapping and threatening to kill after taking an elderly prisoner hostage with a makeshift knife in Auckland Prison at Paremoremo on August 27, 2009.

At a separate trial a week earlier he was found guilty of attempted kidnapping, relating to an incident in 2008 when he tried to take hostage the occupants of a prison van with another makeshift knife before being overpowered by prison guards.

Now that all sounds bad, but not that bad.

Then I did a google search and found his profile on the SST site.

Murder of 17 year old Liam Ashley in a prison van in Auckland in August 2006
This occurred while he was in custody for stabbing a North Shore youth in April 2006 and threatening to kill witnesses in that case.
He also has more than 70 other convictions including home invasion robbery of an elderly woman, threatening to kill, aggravated robbery and serious assault
Also assaulted prison guards a number of times while serving time for the home invasion

Let’s see…

  1. Murder
  2. Threating to kill a witness
  3. 70 convictions
  4. Home invasion
  5. Attacking the elderly

Add all that to his volence in prison, and you get the idea of a guy who’s not going to be safe in society for a long time, if ever.

But good on the Herald headline writer for missleading us all.


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  1. adam greenhalgh said:

    i would say bring back the death penalty but that would be to pleasent . Baker should be buried in a public uranil and kept alive (only just) 4 every1 to piss on till he dies of natrual causes. Baker is scum of the earth and should be punished way werse than a life sentence, hes geting off lightly being locked up.
    F U Baker hope u die an awlful and painful death.

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