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For the record, Guyton’s claim comes from this blog via The Standard:

The Auckland office was supposed to swing into action with the first stages of the ‘Escalation Process when Schools are Not Implementing National Standards’. (A copy was obtained under the Official Information Act.) The first stage involves ringing up the principal and board of trustees in a manner deliberately intended to be threatening. The action of the senior ministry official meant the bureaucratic stand-over tactics were seriously delayed in Auckland. …

There’s no doubt at all in my mind that the “in a manner deliberately intended to be threatening” is pure spin. The document itself isn’t produced on any site making the claim, which on blogs is a pretty good sign that it’s being “liberally interpreted”. But many unionists are happy to regard being asked to do their job as “threatening”.

Translation: they probably made it up.

But it’s ok to call the minister Hitler.


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  1. I’m comparing the calling of Tolley ‘Hitler’ with the billboards by Farrar that equated the then Prime Minister with Robert Mugabe.
    Which is the more offensive and newsworthy?

    • Um, no – the link in the pic is what I’ve said it is.

      But aside from that, if you can’t tell the difference between linking the EFA to authoritarianism, and calling your boss Hitler in a public forum then I’m not going to bother trying – thought I did see DPF do so yesterday somewhere.

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